Cauli hash brown

Following the snow comes the ice. When the temperature over night refuses to rise above zero, you just know the all-weather path will be a thinly disguised ice rink. One could always walk on the grass except most of the grass will be gone because of all the sled action. The wisest course of action is to remain at home until the thaw.

Because we ate out last night, the lamb chops I’d bought on Saturday morning would be our dinner. That’s not so much planning ahead as good luck. There was a bit of worry over lunch (I was running low on the salad front) but I managed to whip up some delicious egg in bacon muffins.

I’m quite pleased with the photo as well

Mirinda said they were yum.

For a lot of the afternoon I managed to (almost) complete research into another chap from the Wrecclesham memorial. The information I have doesn’t quite gel with the facts so I had a bit of a knot to unravel. It makes a change from just copying down information and it’s always satisfying when you solve a mystery.

The lamb chops were lovely but possibly the highlight of dinner were the cauliflower hash browns. Mirinda found the recipe on a lo-carb app she has on her phone. They tasted great but next time I’ll need to make sure I squeeze more liquid out of them because they were still a bit wet.

There is an amazing amount of liquid in a cauliflower.

Tonight it’s supposed to rain and the temperature will rise and the week ahead will be mild. I’m anticipating a lack of ice tomorrow for my walk to the gym.

I hope the rain won’t be as bad as in Townsville at the moment where the crocodiles are roaming the streets looking for dry land. And dinner.

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