Pork belly bonanza

In Starbucks this morning Elinor asked me if I was doing anything exciting today. I said I was cooking dinner. She said that didn’t sound very exciting. I told her it would take six hours. She maintained it was still not exciting however, she was shocked.

I was in Starbucks having first visited the butcher for pork belly, chicken, bacon and lots of pork bones. The bones were for bone broth and the pork belly for tonight. I also picked up some loose veg as they are selling them for someone who doesn’t wrap anything in plastic.

Possibly more exciting than six hours of pork roasting was the arrival of our new hub and disc. BT have been urging us to upgrade to faster Broadband so I finally bit the bullet and agreed. The equipment turned up just as I returned from the shops.

I should explain that I have had a hate hate relationship with BT for a while now. Their only response to any query is to ask when they can ring and discuss my issue. Unfortunately the phone is in Mirinda’s name and they’ll only talk to her. Naturally she’s not always here and never wants to talk to them anyway. So I can never get anything sorted.

In fact, I’ve been on the verge of changing provider but have just been a bit slack doing anything concrete other than comparing tariffs.

Given we’re still with BT, it seemed silly not to take a free upgrade and so I’ve persevered and, finally, the order process worked and here we were. Two shiny new bits of kit…well, black actually but still new.

Obviously I waited for Mirinda to take the dogs for a walk before setting it up. Something that should have been quite easy and straightforward actually took quite a while. This was not BT’s fault…completely. Some blame must go to the wooden wine crates used to house the cabling and power distribution network in the library. And Mirinda’s hill of receipts and odd bits of paper piled up on them.

Given the new equipment had its own, non-compatible cables, I had to pull the entire thing apart before threading the new ones through holes and levels in order to reach both ends of connection. Eventually it was complete. I switched the hub on and it worked beautifully.

Then came the linking of various computers, phones and books throughout the house.

Which reminds me…the other day I took a cold call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Security. He told me there was a problem with my PC. I asked him which one. He then asked what I meant. I said I had ten (I just randomly chose the number). He misheard me, thinking I’d said twelve. I repeated that I had ten and he then thought I’d said seven. When I insisted I had ten for the third time he got quite stroppy with me and hung up.

After the phone call Mirinda asked me if I’d been irritating some poor cold caller and I told her the story. Then we worked out that we actually do have about ten computers in the house. Okay, not all of them work but still…

Anyway, having connected everything that needed it, I set to with the snazzy new BT Disc. This is a round, unobtrusive thing that boosts the signal from the library to the extension. And, while there was some irritation with pairing it to the hub eventually it was working perfectly.

I managed to get it all finished about 15 minutes before Mirinda’s return. I then connected her Little Friend and her Kindle and everything was good to go. All the time I’d been working, the house was gradually filling with delicious porky scents.

Then, finally, as 7:30 rolled into view, I dished up the pork belly. And it was DELICIOUS!

Worth the six hour wait
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