Another one down

Today I completed Panel Five of the Gostrey Meadow Memorial. I’m now filling in the gaps for the Hale and Wrecclesham monuments. These are not so easy. Late today I spent a lot of time searching in vain for various men armed with only a surname and an initial. It wasn’t very successful.

At close of play I wasn’t too sure how to proceed. Perhaps Kirsty has some ideas. I’ll wait for her to get back to me. Still, finishing my allocated Farnham panels was extremely satisfying.

More satisfying was the arrival of our wine order.

Christmas at home has meant a rather sizeable hole in our ‘cellar’ or walnut cabinet as most people call it. So when Mike the Wine Guy rang to ask if we needed anything I was more than ready to snap up as many bargains in fine wine that he had. Today it turned up.

I stopped working for half an hour as I unpacked and restocked with some gorgeous bottles. There was even a wooden box for one half dozen bottles of red. We’ve never had one of those. Mirinda was very pleased though when I asked her what we’d use it for she said “We can keep the corks in it.” which is rather odd given wood isn’t see through.

My new E-Reader also turned up but that wasn’t so much exciting as necessary. I plugged it in, logged on and it did everything itself. I now have a book again that fits in my pocket.

I almost forgot. It actually rained in the night. First time for yonks. The continuing cloud cover has been keeping the weather mild. The rain was needed but I’m glad it stopped before sunrise.

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