That’s Amore

Today Mirinda sent off the first drafts of a couple of chapters of her thesis to her supervisor for comment and input. This is the first steps onto the road to completion. Of course it’s still a bit of an uphill slug but at least the final journey has begun.

As for me, I tried a new recipe for a lo-carb pizza base tonight. It is also nut free which doesn’t really matter for us but makes it easier. It has quite a variety of cheeses, which is always a pleasure.

I topped it with my own tomato sauce, some beef mince, mushrooms, spinach, red onion…lots of stuff. Mirinda declared it good enough to enter the official Chez Gaz menu board. High praise indeed.

The irregular shape is on purpose. The camera angle is to allow for the lighting in the kitchen.

I love pizza and this one was pretty close to the real thing. That worked well.

Something else that worked well was what the gardeners did on Monday. They were all excited about how well the compost had broken down and went mad laying it everywhere on some of the beds Beyond the Final Arch. I was so pleased (I basically made the compost after all) I took a short video.

It looks particularly good in the sunshine

That augers very well for the summer.

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