Emma’s Revenge

Sometimes Mirinda just makes me laugh out loud without even being around. Some days, after she’s left for work and I’m pottering around, I’ll find something she’s absentmindedly done that just cracks me up. Today, for instance.

She went off to work for the first time since mid December while I was at the gym. Back at home, I Skyped with mum then put some washing on and, generally started cleaning up. Very soon it was lunchtime and I fed the girls then started making my own.

After preparing my salad, I decided to have a mug of bone broth and took the Pyrex out of the fridge. Then I burst into laughter.

After the bone broth has slow cooked itself into a delicious liquid, I pour it into a Pyrex and put it in the fridge. The next day there is a thick layer of fat on top, sort of like an ice sheet over a river above the Arctic circle.

If I’m the first one to use it, I’ll just slide it off but, if one is in a hurry, it’s also easy to make a hole in the fat and pour through it. Kind of like ice fishing in a river above the Arctic circle.

Mirinda has worked this out and so, yesterday, while I was at the flat, she made a hole and poured out a mug of broth then replaced the Pyrex in the fridge. The thing is, while she’s worked out how to make a hole in the fat she has yet to work out how a spout works.

When I told her how much this made me laughed she rather sheepishly said she’d wondered why she’d done it at the time because she’d had to pour the broth out from the side of the jug.

Anyway, it did not detract from the deliciousness of the broth and I sat down to lunch and hot broth before heading up to the park with the girls.

Because Mirinda has been home for so long, it’s been ages since I’ve taken them to the park. And I picked a glorious day to go.

Of course there was a lot of ball throwing, chasing and returning on Emma’s part. This always means she has to have a few rests on the way.

Puffed out puppy

She managed to drag herself to a bench where the three of us collapsed for a proper rest. Actually it was only Emma who collapsed. Freya just jumped up on the seat and surveyed the area, checking for any squirrel incursions or dogs she could befriend in her odd way.

All safe here!

Then I discovered that Emma has a new dimension to her chasing the ball game. Normally Freya doesn’t bother chasing the ball because she has other, more important things to do but, occasionally she will chase it just to annoy Emma. Today, however, Emma proved her superior intellect.

Given she was a bit tired, she let Freya go and retrieve the ball then hop down off the bench to collect it for me to throw again. It was unusual enough to film them.

Who knew that Emma could be so cleverly devious. Poor Freya has no idea, particularly because she used to chase Emma chasing the ball in order to grab her ears on the way back. This must be Emma’s Revenge.

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2 Responses to Emma’s Revenge

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I reckon it must be to I looked at it four times its very funny how did she think that one out she is the youngest love mum xxxx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    crafty I think xxxxx


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