Plastic problems

I went up to the flat today in order to finish what I started the other day, namely installing new runners for the curtains. It didn’t take long.

(The photos in this post are from a couple of new building works.)

Opposite the tube entrance

On the way I had to buy a book to read (after my E-Reader died yesterday) which was a bit odd. I bought the smallest one so it would fit in my back pocket. I also made sure it was just short pieces that I could read easily. There was little point in buying something that I’d be stuck in for weeks when my new one should turn up before I finish.

So I popped into Froyles and bought a book called F**k plastic – 101 ways to free yourself from plastic and save the world. Interestingly, there’s no author.

Among the 101 facts is the one that because we have polluted the oceans so much, 30% of the fish we eat has ingested plastic. That means we are eating plastic. I’m sure a lot of people would not care about that. Nothing wrong with a bit of plastic, they’d say. Except there is. There is a link between cancer and the ingestion of seafood delivered plastic because the plastic absorbs chemicals in the seawater that we really do not want to swallow.

Besides, I’m really not sure that people want to eat plastic fish. Though, obviously they do.

Of course, the majority of people wouldn’t taste the plastic because their fish is battered or rendered pretty tasteless by the cooking method but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Anyway, there are lots (101) handy hints on how to reduce our overwhelming reliance on plastic. One of the worst is cling wrap. It doesn’t break down at all so it’ll probably be the last thing on the planet when the sun dies. Even after the cockroaches. Actually, I guess that’s why you can use cling wrap in the microwave.

I’ve started using bees wax wrap. It’s amazing. It does the same job but it lasts for about a year. You just use it then rinse it then use it again. And, once it’s worn out, it will just break down naturally in a compost heap.

Then, walking back from the flat towards Canary Wharf tube, I was amazed at the amount of plastic everywhere. The streets are paved with it, seemingly. Poor Dick Wittington would be shocked.

Once this was a rather grotty international hotel
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