Given last night was the twelfth after Christmas, today was mostly spent removing decorations. And lights. Though not all the lights because some have to stay up for the duration of hygge.

Apart from Mirinda breaking the orange egg decoration which was a real decorated egg, the worst thing today was that my E-Reader died. The screen froze and nothing could make it wake up. It was devastating.

I tried to work out how to live without it. It was a stupid thought. I ordered a new one having exhausted all avenues of repair I had to hand.

But that was not the full focus of the day. First the lights then the decorations then the tree until the extension was a good deal less Christmassy.

Where once was the tree

It doesn’t seem that long ago that it was delivered and here I was chopping it into manageable sized logs and chucking them on the stick groyne up the back.

By dinner time I had most of the decorations and lights packed away. It was actually quite a full day for a Sunday.

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