11th or 12th (day) night

Today I visited our butcher and as well as some beef mince and giant pork chops, I also got a whole load of beef bones. He chopped up some old cow ribs for me, bagged them and wished me well.

The mince was for a new meal I was trying for tonight, the pork chops were for tomorrow’s dinner and the beef bones were for a batch of bone broth. I’m getting quite good at the bone broth having made beef, chicken and turkey versions over the Christmas break but the beef just smells the best as it’s slow cooked.

Mirinda reckoned the house smelled of popcorn but I claimed that’s because the bone broth odour had mixed with the sherbet incense from the library. Suffice it to say, the whole house smelled delicious for most of the day. And night.

The new meal I tried for dinner was a Middle Eastern meatza. This is a pizza that, rather than have a flour based crust has one made of spiced up mince. It was an attempt to replace pizza with something lo-carb. While it was delicious, it will never replace pizza. Obviously I’ll need to keep looking for a viable alternative.

I also spent quite a bit of time looking for a clothing order that I was supposed to have had delivered today. It arrived and I signed for it just after midday…only it didn’t and I didn’t.

I was not best pleased as I dashed off emails to the courier and the shop, saying I wasn’t happy that someone had signed for something as me and also had my jeans and socks. Having assuaged (to some extent) my anger at being ripped off and impersonated, I settled down to making lunch.

Later in the day there was a knock at the door. It was Mr Sandals holding a parcel. He handed it over saying it had been left at his front door while they were out, the driver obviously confusing our consecutive house numbers. With great relief I opened the parcel to find my jeans and my socks.

Speaking of neighbours…Mr Sandals and Neighbour Dave took down their Christmas decorations yesterday in direct contravention of the Christmas Decoration Removal Convention. We, naturally, are waiting for 12th Night (tomorrow though it depends on how you work it out). That’ll be my Sunday taken care of then.

Some days are just so much more exciting…

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