Just a normal Thursday

Some days my blog post just flows from my fingers. Others, like today, I feel that nothing happened to justify an entire post.

For instance, today I went shopping, did washing and cooked food. The weather was grey but dry. Colder than it has been so far this winter. Then, late in the day Mirinda gave me another chapter of her DBA to read. While it’s awfully good it hardly constitutes an enthralling blog post.

I don’t even have something mundane to write about like an overheard conversation or the antics of ducks in back gardens.

Possibly the most exciting thing that happened today was my buying a suit. Well, actually, I ordered a suit. It’s made to measure so will take a while. I don’t usually spend a lot of money on clothes (I can never really justify it) but I really, really liked this suit.

So that’s it for this Thursday.

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