I went to the flat to clean and tidy this morning. Given Mirinda has been at home for the last month, I haven’t needed to go but she’ll probably be returning next week so I thought I’d best go up and see to what needs seeing to.

The Maine Tower

All train trips were easy and I managed to watch two episodes of The Walking Dead so all was very good.

Google Maps timeline sent me a notification regarding my travels throughout 2018. Through the year I used nine airports, visited 55 cities in a total of five countries. I don’t know what Google Maps uses to delineate between cities and towns so I’ll just have to believe the 55 but the five countries are easy.

Last year I travelled 30,332 miles going to Italy, France, Spain, Australia and, of course, the UK. Here’s a map of my 2018:

Brisbane looks a bit lonely

Okay that looks a bit useless. Here, instead, is the European section up close and personal:

The red splodges are the places we visited.

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