Continuing the tradition

For the last few years, we have started going to the Chesil at Winchester for our New Year’s Eve dinner. This year, just because we can’t not go now it’s a trend, we booked, paid a deposit then turned up tonight ready to be amazed.

Rather than ala carte, they tend to serve a special Tasting Menu. Also, rather than type the whole thing out, here’s a photo of the menu instead.

And they didn’t disappoint. The food was fantastic, the service of the usual high standard and the wine a dining delight.

Scallop and Chicken Wing, Tarragon Cream – so good!

Speaking of the wine, I had the special different glass of wine per course or the Wine Flight as they called it on the menu. This means I had a glass of the wine in italics beneath each course in the photo above. Apart from the Riesling, they were all excellent choices, even the American muscat. (The only reason I wasn’t keen on the Riesling is because I don’t really like Riesling.) In particular the white Bordeaux from Chateau Lestrille totally thrilled and tantalised my tastebuds.

Food, wine and service aside, a big reason we love dining at the Chesil is the building itself. Old, sloping, wooden and low, bits of it date from 1450. It is an extraordinary place. I know I’ve raved about it before so, rather than repeat myself, I shall stop.

Happy New Year!

One very odd thing I feel needs reporting.

When we arrived at the car park we were a bit mystified to find an empty car parked across the roadway, hard up against another cars bumper. It looked like it had deliberately been parked to block the other car in. There was plenty of room to get around so we swerved and went up another floor. By the time we returned from the restaurant, both cars had gone. A mystery never to be solved.

And to celebrate, shortly into 2019 I watched All That Jazz while Mirinda went to bed. Shortly before we sang a particularly raucous rendition of Billy Joel’s Piano Man on the stroke of midnight.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The car was most mysterious . And you for got singing very loudly in the car on the way home – to Barry manilow !!

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