Normal but foggy

Today I had to finish our tax. I turned on the heater in my office and locked myself away. While I should have done it months ago, at least they’re not late and, hopefully, finished. I say ‘hopefully’ because you never know what the accountant will come back with. Mirinda was likewise locked away in the library working on her DBA so it’s not like she missed me.

The tax took up most of my day though I did go up to town for the first time since Monday. The weather was a bit misty and grey and, for the first time this Christmas, actually cold.

Misty morning

In Starbucks I saw Lizzy, Sue, Chantelle, Dan and Elinor. I then went shopping. Then home again. Life was back to normal.

On the walk home I was beginning to regret not wearing my thicker fleece and gloves as the mist turned to fog and started chilling everything in sight.

Murky morning

Back at home, Mirinda had a blazing fire warming up the library. It was all very hygge.

For dinner I decided to break open the Fortnum and Mason cooked ham. I cut two slices and fried them. I then popped eggs on top and served them on a bed of stir fried veg. It was very nice.

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4 Responses to Normal but foggy

  1. M says:

    Best gammon steak ever

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Sounds very tasty even though I don.t eat meat very much. Well another Christmas over doesn’t take long goes so fast . We all had a lovely time it was great with Jaxon and Maddie and not just adults much better with kiddes. love you lots mum xxx

  3. Josephine Cook says:

    I don’t like meat very much but that looked very nice, love mum xxx

  4. Josephine Cook says:

    Well its now Monday last day of the year 2018 cant believe this year has gone so fast and if all goes well i shall be in a nicer place and not on my owen. Happy new year to my son and daughter in law hope all is good for you both. love to all my family. Mum xxxx

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