Carrots on a train

Liverpool Street Station is presently in the grip of a frenzy of building. It’s noisy and crowded and a lot of the roads are blocked off. It’s difficult to describe just how awful it is. There’s Crossrail and a bloody great building gradually growing.

In case there was any doubt

I had a choice to go to Liverpool Street or to Shoreditch via the overground. Without any information I chose Liverpool Street. As it turned out that was a very bad choice. However, I then discovered that the Overground was using a rail replacement bus service so that may have been just as bad.

The reason I was in Shoreditch (for the first time ever) was to visit my nephew, Michael. Denise wanted to see him so we organised to have lunch in the pub he manages.

The Owl and the Pussycat is a marvellous pub. The typical old school London pub with wooden floors, tin pressed ceiling, beer garden, an excellent choice of beer, all the works. It also has a wonderful atmosphere, particularly on a Tuesday at lunchtime.

Michael has basically turned it round over the last seven months. I can’t vouch for the past having never been there before but it’s certainly brilliant now. If I lived locally, it would certainly be a favourite haunt.

Having had a delicious Caesar salad (and a couple of pints of Camden Town IPA – thanks, Mike) we then bid Michael goodbye and headed off for the Museum of London, passing an awful lot of graffiti and street art.

Fuzzy view

Some was good, some was bad and some was just very funny. Whatever they were, we saw a lot given the walk took us down many, many unfamiliar streets, hoping at every step to come across somewhere I knew.

Cheers, god!

A lot of steps, helped along by the Google Lady in My Pocket, slipped beneath our feet before I eventually recognised the Barbican and finally spotted the walkway into the MoL. Our feet would have breathed a sigh of relief if they’d had the capacity to breathe.

Smile while you walk

The first stop was the cafe then, once our feet had stopped screaming, we headed into the museum. Unfortunately we only had time to go from prehistory to the beginning of the Romans before we had to once more head out, this time for Holborn. And this time using the Tube rather than our poor feet.

We were meeting Mirinda for a tour of the college…finally. And it looked fantastic. I loved it. I even got to see Sarah who was busy trying to upload documents.

After an almost completely comprehensive tour, we head for Mirinda’s club for dinner. And Sarah joined us for a pre-dinner drink.

Our meal was lovely but, as these things do, it was soon over and we had to head off home. Mirinda hopped into a cab and headed for the flat while we ventured down to the Tube for the short hop to Waterloo then home…after a wait of half an hour.

The train trip home was nice and comfortable and a lot quieter than the trip in when I was tortured by a woman sat across the aisle from me, constantly crunching carrots.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    You do meet some funny people on your train. love mum xxxxxx

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