Early Decs

Today I returned to the gym having not been for two weeks. I was prepared for it to be difficult. I was prepared for it to make me work. I wasn’t prepared for it to be the same as it always is.

Something else I wasn’t prepared for was when a couple of the old ladies came up and accused me off slacking off for the last fortnight. I told them I’d been in Spain and they forgave me.

This is more than can be said for Starbucks. Normally when I’ve been away they wonder where I’ve been. Not this time. I don’t think they love me anymore.

Not that that was a problem this morning because, after the gym, I went to Nero’s where I met Denise.

Back at home we headed out for Guildford for a bit of a wander around. They were busy hanging Christmas decorations up the High Street which is always a bit depressing.

(BTW, Jenny, it is actually called High Street.)

Realising beer o’clock had been and gone, we decided to have some lunch in the delightful Three Pigeons pub. Sadly there was no pigeon on the menu so we asked for chicken and bacon salad.

My lunch was extra nice given it was washed down with a pint of TEA. Denise also had tea but had to go to great lengths to ensure it wasn’t beer.

After lunch we headed over to the castle making sure it was well before sunset so we didn’t get locked in again.

The beds were having their winter planting done making it look a lot different to when I was last there.

We then went through the museum along with about 270 small children dressed as Victorian urchins.

The Alice production we went to a few years ago has made a welcome return and a few bits and pieces were dotted around the museum. I also introduced Denise to the famous fire backs.

Eventually we’d had enough and wandered back to the Priory for the bus back – we timed it perfectly with the bus ready to go about two minutes later.

The poor bus driver was having a bad day. First up a passenger had nothing smaller than a £10 note which took all of his change then a car was parked in a bus stop. To cap it all, a woman at another bus stop only just signalled him forcing him to shove on the brakes at the last minute. It was quite a roller coaster ride home.

Back at the house we took Mirinda and the girls up the avenue of trees for a break…

…before I made pork with fennel for dinner which was eaten in a very hygge fashion.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I read that blog twice and it was all lit up the second time and Mirinda and Denise looked very miserable I suppose it was Denise last night ,

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