Normal service

Today was all about returning to normal. There was quite a lot of washing to do and leaves to rake. And the hippo bird bath was rank.

And, of course, we went and collected the girls.

I’ve had lots of excited dogs greet me over the years. All of them react in about the same way it tends to be just a matter of degree. It never really matters if it’s a day or a month, the reaction tends to be about the same. 

Today wins the excitement stakes. Freya, in particular, was so excited to see us that she was beside herself with joy. She kept making little squeaky noises because she wasn’t sure what else to do. Her tail almost wagged off. She wanted a hug but then wiggled so much she had to be put back down. It took her a while to calm down.

Emma was also overjoyed. She ran and ran from me to the car and back until I opened the car door and she saw Mirinda. She was so excited she actually spent some time standing on the centre bit between the front seats, Freya’s usual spot. Again she took a while to return to normal.

As soon as they entered the house they jumped on Denise then ran through the rooms at top speed, skidding and sliding all over the place. Their pleasure at being home was unconfined.

When I let them out the back door they immediately went and drank from the hippo bird bath. Then they chased invisible garden invaders up the back.

Denise and I then went shopping.

Starbucks was ridiculously crowded for a Sunday, making it singularly unpleasant. I really wished I’d suggested Nero’s instead.

We went shopping (again it was later than optimal so Waitrose was subsequently crowded) then walked home.

After lunch Mirinda and Denise took the girls to Thursley while I raked the leaves and tidied the kitchen ready for a Roast Lamb Assault. Denise was given the choice for dinner. She asked for a roast. She then had to choose the meat. She went for lamb. And that’s what I made.

Also, it was our first hygge meal so the tablecloth came out and all the candles. The day was so grey that the extension was transformed from dismal to rainbow.

It was a lovely day but I didn’t take any photos so here’s another one from Malaga yesterday.

What a star
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    You had better not leave them for a long time or they will both have a heart attack may be to them you were gone longer this time. They wont let you out of there sight for weeks now. love mum xxxxx

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