Bus and train

Today was the boring bit of the trip in that it involved mostly travelling. Because of the late leaving of the first mode of transport, we had a few hours in Vejer before leaving. Mirinda then Denise had a stroll around the streets and drank copious amounts of coffee in order to steel themselves for the upcoming transport trials.

Broken bus shelter

But soon enough it was time to leave. The taxi arrived at 11:30 on the dot and we piled in and started heading back down the very narrow streets. Then the taxi driver’s phone rang. It was Wim. The driver put him on loudspeaker and he told me that I had left our Bose headphones in our room.

This could have been a major disaster on so many levels given Mirinda’s propensity for using them almost constantly when travelling. Anyway, Wim met us on the other side of town as we hit a roundabout, handed the headphones through the window and waved us off for the second time.

The taxi was taking us down the hill to Barca de Vejer because, according to the Comes timetable, the bus doesn’t stop at Vejer de la Frontera. After the bus had picked us up, it climbed the hill to Vejer de la Frontera and stopped there anyway. Stupid Comes and their timetables!

Bus to Cadiz

Eventually we reached Cadiz where I discovered it’s not that simple buying train tickets to Malaga. The first problem was my lack of any Spanish. This was eventually overcome when a handy woman walked by who spoke both English and Spanish and could go interpreter.

The next problem was the fact that we’d have to go to Seville then change to the Malaga train. All up it meant quite a few hours on the trains. Still, it was better than walking.

We finally arrived at our hotel at about 8:15pm, checked in then went for Japanese for dinner. The decision was mainly based on the fact that the restaurant was next door (literally) to the hotel.

It was, basically, our final late dinner. Even so, we were inĀ  our rooms and in bed about 10 minutes after leaving the restaurant.

The end of a loooooong day.

Cadiz railway
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Thats a fancy train. Must have been a long day for you all. love mum xxx

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