Windy with no rain

Today I had a fish delivery to be at home for – it was arriving frozen and needed to be put straight into the freezer – so I didn’t go into Woking. Like Mirinda, I worked from home. And I managed to get through quite a few people.

First thing I popped up to the shops. While I was in Waitrose I had a text to say my fish would be turning up between 8am and 12pm. That’s fine except that the text came through at 9:30. Not that it was a problem. I just took my usual time.

On the way back I noticed that the Woolmead has moved on a bit from the hoarding stage. The scaffolding has started to go up in preparation for the building coming down.

Traffic was a bit mad because of the lane reduction though, unexpectedly generously, a bit of the footpath remains.

Woolmead hoarding

Okay, the footpath actually ends by the time you get to the corner (as you can see in the photo above) but you can always walk in the closed off lane because of the Witches’ Hat Protection Barrier. Almost as powerful as the legendary Velvet Rope, the WHPB extends all the way around the Woolmead creating a footpath of more than adequate width.

As it turned out the delivery arrived long after I’d returned home. I was in the odd situation of working in the Library because Mirinda had a two hour work Hangout session (the Google equivalent to Skype) and wanted to use the dining table.

I managed to squeeze myself onto her tiny Arts & Crafts desk while Freya managed to squeeze herself behind me. Emma, of course, stood guard at the window. She let me know when the fish guy arrived. And the delivery from the Japan Centre which also turned up today.

Something occurred to me on the way home. Why do people insist on using umbrellas in the wind? It was very blowy today with the slightest of water droplets on the breeze and yet people were wrestling with their umbrellas as they kept forcing themselves inside out.

Personally I never use umbrellas and, frankly, don’t see the point of carrying a portable shelter around with me. But I understand that people have legitimate concerns about hair and clothes and generally making sure no-one can get closer to them than the spokes allow. It actually surprises me that they don’t use them in any weather.

Which makes me wonder why golfers need such big ones. Is it to be seen from space? Golfers must want to advertise to everyone in the sky, I guess. Though why they use them on the street is beyond me.

Unless it’s like the four wheel drive thing. Certain people believe they deserve much more of the planet than anyone else so they take up as much of it as possible. I’m often surprised that people with these sort of inferiority complexes don’t buy very comfortable trucks to take up entire streets. They could use them to carry their personal shelters against inclement weather.

Just cos
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Yes just cos hahaha

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Just Cos haha

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