Living in Farnham

Our Lo-carb Life is sometimes punctuated with celebrations. Birthdays, Christmas, Hope and Gratitude, etc. This time of year there’s one that we don’t always remember, possibly because it occurs around the Hope and Gratitude dinner time. This year, however, we didn’t forget.

Quite a few years ago we moved from Haslemere to Farnham. While it wasn’t our first time living in Farnham, it was definitely the nicest one. Right by the park, no big hill between me and the shops and no awful neighbours to block us in.

We’ve gradually made our house into a piece of us, an addition to our personalities. The extension, the stained glass, the Library, the pixie garden, they are all part of us.

We love living here. And so, when we remember, we go out and celebrate our Move to Farnham. This we did tonight.

Normally we wouldn’t go out to dinner on a Sunday night but we love the Chesil and it is always very popular of a Friday and Saturday night so, Sunday it was.

Chesil, Winchester

And it didn’t disappoint. They regularly change their menu so we are always treated to something different. Tonight I had the sea bream ceviche followed by the venison on rosti while Mirinda had the pate followed by the lamb.

My sea bream was superb

The meal went down particularly well with a five year old chianti classico and finished with the usual espresso martini. Food rarely gets better than this.

“To Farnham!”

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I like Mirinda’s dress or top could’nt see it all but the colours suit her. xxxlove mum

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