Construction impact

This morning I was up and ready to go off to Woking at the usual time. I said goodbye to Mirinda and the girls and headed for the bus stop.

On the way I noticed that the traffic was horrendous. Bumper to bumper and not a lot of movement. So, the business of the demolition and reconstruction of Farnham has begun. This is clearly what it’s going to be like most mornings for the next five years.

I stood at the bus stop, occasionally glancing at my bus app to find out how far away the bus was. After standing there uselessly for half an hour, chocking on the ghastly car fumes that no-one but me seems to care about, I knew I’d never make my train. I went back home. My decision was made even easier when I realised the bus had been six minutes away for the last 20.

Being fortunate and a volunteer, I had the alternative of working from home, which I did. Next week (and subsequent weeks) I’ll take the bus in the opposite direction and train from Aldershot. Much less traffic that way.

Anyway, it’s always lovely sitting at the dining table researching the war dead, so it wasn’t a problem at all. Add to that the fact that Mirinda was working from home and everything was just about perfect. We even both had an OMAD Friday together.

Of course, Truly Unreliable John failed to turn up to put water all over the ceiling lantern as I predicted but, given it’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow, that might be taken care naturally.

One very exciting thing that happened today was my discovery of a Jutland Museum in Denmark. I am (roughly) planning to visit it over a couple of days sometime soon. It looks amazing. Plus I’ve never been to Denmark.

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