Leak investigation

I was rostered on for a Talking Newspaper today. I had a message from Builder Dave on my way to France saying he was going to come round and try to find out where our leak was coming from. This meant a lot of emails begging someone to swap with me.

It wasn’t until Tuesday evening that my final desperate email was answered in the affirmative. Good old Mary came to my rescue.

This meant I could be home when Dave turned up at 9am this morning, which he did. Before him, the guys who were going to dismantle the ceiling lantern turned up and started.

First thing in the morning I’d moved everything to the sides of the room given they were going to pull the whole thing apart and there’d be mess.

I’d forgotten how heavy the recliners are.

The empty space

I took the girls to the office and we worked doing some essential research regarding a possible move to France. (Given the fascist rhetoric coming out of most mouths these days, it might be our only recourse.) I also did some tax work.

Meanwhile the guys took every pane of glass out, lifted the frame, investigated then double sealed it all before rebuilding it. The conclusion was awfully inconclusive. Well, except that it probably wasn’t the ceiling lantern causing the leak.

It’s head scratching time

So, the next test will be for John (ceiling lantern company boss) to come round tomorrow and pour water all over it. I won’t hold my breath as he’s not the most reliable person I’ve ever dealt with.

I managed to get everything back, after cleaning the floor, and it was all back to normal for when Mirinda came home.

I made my signature salmon and avocado for dinner.

The griddled veg was perfect

It was delicious.

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