Leaves of Mr Hardy

Today was national pumpkin day. Why on earth do pumpkins need their own special day? What have they ever done to deserve one?

I had nothing to do with pumpkins today. In fact today was one of those rare things in my life, an FATN Magazine recording. A time for more interesting, lengthier pieces with which to delight our listeners. We hope.

First up though I went to the gym in order to rid myself of at least some of the French excesses of the last few days. It was very quiet. In fact, afterwards I had the entire changing room to myself, something that rarely happens.

My day was clearly progressing too well because as I reached Starbucks I was dismayed that there was a queue almost reaching the door and every seat was taken.

Going against all logic, I joined the end of the queue and immediately became subsumed into the general melange of din. Deaf parents, screaming infants, barking dogs, chattering students, all of them contributing to the big ball of noise.

I lasted about a minute before leaving and heading for the studio. It would prove difficult without a coffee but what could I do? What could any reasonable person do? I decided that, from now on, after the gym I’ll go to Nero’s instead.

But that was for another day. Of course, because I didn’t have a coffee I arrived at the studio far too early. Fortunately I have my own keys. I sat and read and waited for Clive, the presenter for today.

Then, because everything was going so well, Judy forgot she was due to record with us. Clive rang her, reminded her then we waited for her to arrive. It meant a late start followed by a late end. Poor Clive had a luncheon engagement he had to rush off for.

My stories were fun though I was a bit baffled by my poem. There’s always a ‘Poetry Corner’ section which the presenter puts together around some sort of theme.

This month the theme was autumn. My poem was by Thomas Hardy. The metre was a bit odd when read but suddenly appeared when spoken. Most peculiar.

Eventually we finished and I headed back into town. I decided it was about time I had a coffee. You can imagine my dismay when I realised that the queue at Starbucks had not reduced.

I went shopping first, thinking that I’d shop first then if the queue was still there after that, I’d go somewhere else.

But it was fine (though still a bit crowded) and I had my coffee before heading home.

Now, it is important that I report the loss of our first bunch of butt seed tomatoes. They have just vanished.

This morning, Gardener Dave reckoned he found the discarded vine on the agricultural table. He also blamed me, suggesting I’d eaten them.


The rest of the day was spent doing admin while Mirinda worked.

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