The County Show part II

There’s three parts to the Surrey County Show each year. The show itself at the end of May then, as the northern hemisphere turns Autumnal, the Game and Country Fair at Loseley and the Ploughing Match takes place.

This morning we had planned to head over to Loseley. Normally we’d also visit the Ploughing Match but this year it was being held over near Dorking which would have meant quite a long drive between the two events. So, this year, we decided against the fields and big shire horses and were just going to go to Loseley Park.

When I woke up, the sky was black and the rain was falling. It was wall-to-wall inclement. It was unlikely we’d be going anywhere. Well, except for shopping. I put on my raincoat and walking boots and headed through the driving rain, trolley in hand.

It was Market Day in Farnham today so I visited my two favourite stalls (Charmer Cheese and Pickled Asparagus) for much needed supplies before heading back home.

They’re getting there

Back at home Mirinda was Skyping with Fi and I settled in to a lazy day in the house.

Then, as if the weather gods wanted the Surrey Game and Country Fair to go really well, the rain stopped, the black clouds went somewhere else (Sussex maybe) and the world was bathed in blue. It was an extraordinary change, as if the morning had been a mistake and the pixies had finally fixed it after having their lunch.

We looked at each, looked at the girls and decided to go to the fair.

Fuller’s beer wagon

And it turned out to be excellent. Mind you, looking at the ground and the grass as we walked in, it had obviously not been particularly nice earlier. Still, there were people there, there were stalls and it didn’t rain.

When I say there were people there, the feeling we had was that there wasn’t as many as usual. Obviously the weather put people off a bit. I can only imagine what sort of devastation the Ploughing Match resembled.

Also, when I say there were stalls there, we both felt there wasn’t as many as usual. It was as if a few stall holders had woken up, looked outside and decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Still, it was still a lovely way to spend a few hours. Best of all was Emma and the Goats.

I see you, Cockerpoo!

We were in the petting tent and Mirinda was making a fuss over the pygmy goats. Emma was rather curious and poked her head through the low fence to get a better look at one of these strange little creatures. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pygmy goat head butted her in the nose.

Emma was in shock. She backed up and just stared. It was very funny. The goat looked ready to repeat its action but we left, laughing. Freya, it should be noted, noticed nothing.

In the pub, later

It took a while but she forgot it eventually as we sat inĀ  the Holly Bush with a drink before going home.

One of the cutest things at the fair was a bed full of baby beagles all fast asleep as if nothing was going on. They were ridiculously cute.

Bed of Baby Beagles

It has to be the first time I’ve seen a group of beagles doing nothing. Normally they run around like lunatics making a noise and generally having fun. Perhaps this lot had just finished and were getting over it.

Eventually, having bought some mango flavoured gin, pork scratchings and smoked garlic, we headed home (via the Holly Bush).

After a dismal beginning, it turned out lovely.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Beautiful afternoon but a sorry turn out


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