No more Freya

Years ago, back when Lizzy was first a barista at Starbucks, she trained a young girl. Ever since, the two of them share a talent for making my latte exactly the same. In a world of differences in coffee preparation, they have none.

Lizzy, of course, is now working in London and I get to see her sometimes but her young protege went to uni in Brighton and I’d only see her during holidays when her smile and coffee always sent feelings of happiness running through me. Then, a few weeks ago, having graduated from uni, she announced that she was going to move to Brighton permanently and never be back.

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration because her parents still live here and, presumably she’ll visit them eventually, but she won’t be making my coffee…which is the most important thing.

So, today was her last day and I was fortunate enough to see her and have her make my coffee for the final time. Thank you, Freya, you’ll be missed.

Freya and Gaz

And for anyone reading this who thought I was talking about our cockerpoo, I did it on purpose. It was just too good an opportunity to miss.

As for Freya our cockerpoo, she is not moving to Brighton, preferring to stay with us and Emma.

Back at home, today was mostly about housework and the making of walnut bread which turned out rather well if I do say so myself. I didn’t do any gardening as the weather was somewhat unpredictable (and very windy). However, here’s a couple of photos of what I did yesterday.

Behind the lavender bed

I should have taken a before photo! This section, just to the left of Mirinda’s pixie garden and under the hebe, was awash with weeds and the horrible white matting. So much so that I was very happy with the after photo.

And the completed path through the wildflower patch…which needs a new name.

Weedless joy

Mirinda came home tonight and we enjoyed tuna steaks for dinner and two fluffy puppies who had had baths and a jolly good brushing.

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