The quiet of the countryside

There’s a certain irony in the kids going back to school. The number of kids on the streets and in the park are drastically reduced for one thing.

Actually when they are in the park it’s usually in a long, snaking line, in either two columns holding hands or in one long one holding rings tied to a long rope. I saw one of the latter today and it looked like a bright yellow, mini chain gang off to hack up the land for a railway.

My one refuge when the kids are off school is generally my morning coffee in Starbucks. It’s like a little peaceful oasis where adults can take a breather from the tumult outside. I leave the gym and about half an hour later I’m sat with my laptop happily typing up a post from the day before.

In term time, however, things go into a sort of loop around, reverso situation.

The parents (usually a mum but also a few dads) drop their kids off at primary school then descend on Starbucks for a morning coffee. This coincides with my arrival and means a bit of a fight for a seat as well as deafening conversation. Add to this the equally deafening screaming from various pre-school babies and you have one big ear ache.

Actually, 19 year old Sian, making my latte today, said it’s the coffee morning crowd that has put her off having kids. Ever. And dogs, she added when an over-boisterous Luna put in her two penny’s worth.

It was possibly the loudest I’ve ever heard it. There were three babies vying for the loudest screeching award as well as Luna going insane every time someone new entered. I somehow wrote my post then went shopping, gently caressing my over stretched ear drums.

At the completely opposite end of the spectrum, our walk in the park was uninterrupted by children of any kind. In fact we only saw about four dogs, eight people, two squirrels and a bench stranded drone.

The rest of the day went by all calm and quiet.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Do that everyday and you will have burst ear drums. don;t they relise that is where older people go to get away from kids. Cant stand screaming kids. Love mum xxx


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