Saffron Lambshanks

This morning I was lying on the lounge, listening to the dulcet tones of early Sunday radio and sipping my coffee and noticed the gradually changing water colour painting above me. It started small then, as the time slid by, it grew, spreading across then down the wall. It was beautiful.

Sun through glass

A while ago, Mirinda suggested we hang something on this wall, slightly below and between the two light shades. As can be seen, that is completely unnecessary. All we need is a bit of sun and the mornings are painted glorious.

A little while later we both rejoiced in the fact that we commissioned our stained glass window, the best present we’ve ever bought each other. 

Then I was off, up the shops. Imagine my irritation to discover that all three of my favourite spots in Starbucks were occupied. I told Eily I wasn’t happy. And it’s not like the place was full. In fact the only people there were the ones in my three favourite spots. This was not a good start to my day.

Fortunately that was the worst thing that happened because today I was making dinner from the Persian recipe book I received on Thursday.

Atoosa Sepehr’s Lamb Shanks

It was a bit time consuming so, while I prep’ed Mirinda took the girls up to Crondall for a lovely walk across the fields. Actually I spent a lot of time watching ice melt because Atoosa said it was the best way to make saffron water.

The kitchen smelled very strongly of saffron for most of the afternoon.

(I also whipped up a loaf of Paleo Bread for Mirinda which turned out with a definite crust this time. Very nice! It wasn’t JUST for Mirinda.)

Four hours after starting, I dished up our lamb shanks with saffron, placing them on a bed of spring veg and creamed spinach. The meat just slid off the bone. In fact mine slid off before I could get it onto the plate.

Mirinda said it was divine. I said it should become one our standard Sunday roasts. We both adjudged it good enough for guests.


(I’d like to think that one of the talked about female Dwarfs from The Hobbit (or Lord of the Rings) would be called Saffron Lambshanks. As we all know, female Dwarfs stay home, naked and chained to the house. My vision of Saffron is that she was a bit of a suffragette/Viking Dwarf with an axe and an attitude to match.)

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2 Responses to Saffron Lambshanks

  1. Denise says:

    Yum looks delicious

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Yes I ageer with Denise it does look yum. also the sun through the glass looks lovely as well. love mum xxxx

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