Three Graces and a Vicar

Following a rather annoying mouse situation (it wouldn’t work properly, sometimes) Mirinda decided to have a bit of a relax in the afternoon. Given her rather stressful week, this was definitely a good idea. While she ‘relaxed’ I took the girls to the park for a session of chase the tennis ball or, in Freya’s case, chase Emma who was chasing the ball.

After a bit of running

I think Freya is wondering why we’ve stopped. Emma is recovering.

In the morning, as well as Starbucks and general mouse recovery shopping, I popped into the Museum of Farnham. I’ve been searching for two wayward WWI memorials and thought they might have been there. I’d emailed them ages ago but have had absolutely no response. Today I decided to see for myself.

And while the displays are very nicely laid out and the building itself is beautiful there is absolutely nothing about the wars; either of them. I was very surprised. Particularly given that Farnham is supposed to be responsible for the invention of the two minute silence on May 1, 1916.

Still, they can’t include everything. There was stuff on Knight and Cobbett and Farnham station as well as this intriguing little painting of the Three Graces by Sir John Verney painted in 1965.

The Three Graces play Croquet

The vicar to the left of the painting is included because, as Verney himself said “…any picture could be improved by one or two ecclesiasticals.” Sounds like a funny chap.

While Sir John was born in London, he is claimed by Suffolk as one of their artists though that’s where he ended up dying. More importantly and productively, he lived in Farnham for quite a few years. As well as painting, he also wrote quite a bit, with two particularly excellent books about WW2.

So, while the visit may have been a waste as far as the Missing Memorials are concerned, it was made a little less annoying with the discovery of the little painting above. It certainly made me laugh.

While I was taking photos of the puppies in the park, it suddenly occurred to me that I tend to take selfies with Freya more than Emma. To rectify this, here’s one with our very difficult but fortunately beautiful dog.

Don’t look at the camera, Emma!
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Wow look at her putting on the . I know i am being looked at I am the best. love mum xx

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