Cannonball run has ended

Burt Reynolds died today. He was 82. What a legend he was…or is now. I’m not sure if a legend has to be dead in order to become one. Anyway, loved him in Smokey and the Bandit. And he had an extraordinary moustache.

Nothing quite so exciting happened at our house though I did have an Alton edition of the Talking Newspaper to present. While not exactly exciting, it was great fun. For me anyway.

Outside West Street cemetery

My readers this week were Dame Elizabeth, Brian and Jackie. Brian is always worth a tease and Jackie is great fun. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Dame Elizabeth reading for me. She has a lovely reading voice but didn’t quip.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with not quipping. Those that can do but those that can’t are best advised not to, if you ask me. Quips gone wrong can be a bit embarrassing. At the very least, they’re not funny.

Not that Dame Elizabeth needs to quip. Her aristocratic, cut glass accent is all she needs. I particularly like her ‘orf’ when she says off.

The stories were rather thin on the desk this week but we tried to keep it entertaining while finishing nice and early. There was a hint that one presenter sticks stoically to the times as prescribed on the roster but no names were mentioned. It was certainly not me.

Possibly the worst part of my very first world day was the weather.

When I left the house the sky was blue and the sun was beating down so I left the washing on the line. As I trudged across the Farnham version of the Russian steppes the rain started.

It was tantalisingly light and flurried. It wasn’t making me wet but it was getting more blustered and moist. It was a race I wouldn’t win. So I didn’t bother competing.

By the time I reached home the rain was more obvious so, batting away the crazy excited dogs, I quickly stripped the line and brought it all in as quick as possible.

Then I said hello to the girls.

Phew! It was a close call but the clothes were still dry. You’ve just got to love English rain.

Actually there was one more exciting thing that happened.

One of the cooking people I follow on Instagram had her first recipe book released today. I ordered a copy ages ago and today it arrived.

Going Persian

It’s decidedly mouth wateringly tantalising.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    So we are going Persian different the book looks interesting open a page on the next blog please. love mum xxx

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