Improving puppy

Freya’s condition (whatever that is) appears to be very slowly improving. Like Mrs Bennett, she has taken to her bed but during the brief forays on her feet, she is steadily getting steadier. The big test was going to be when it was time to go to the park.

So, after lunch (and after watching the end of episode 12 of Korean Odyssey) we headed up. Because Freya is pretty much finished with her latest season, I let her lead the way. This is what normally happens.

At our front door I ascertain that there’s no traffic before letting them both go. Emma, of course, bounces around in front of me because normally I’m carrying the Flicka-stik but all I see of Freya is her little white butt bouncing up the steps into the park. And that’s what happened today.

In fact, Freya managed a normal walk but without the usual running around, chasing Emma that she indulges in. Still, every step is forward at the moment so I figure whatever the problem has been, she’s recovering.

On our walk we met Freddy, a nine month old black cockerpoo and his owner (and her two daughters). All three humans went a bit delirious over Emma and Freya even going so far as to collapse onto the grass to cuddle and kiss them. Freddy was very interested in Freya, indicating that her season is not quite over, and rebuffed by Emma who only wanted her ball throwing.

We had a lovely chat. Freddy is the woman’s first ever dog. Having had dogs for most of my life, I find this quite weird. She is completely in love with Freddy though, as are her two girls. It’s lovely to see. They bounced away, over the hill in front of us as we headed for the woods.

As I reached the double bench along the Avenue of Trees, I noticed how green everything has returned to. It feels like only a week ago that it was all brown and dead looking. This morning the tractor was out cutting it all and it looked fresh and new.

Green, green

Back at home I had a couple of parcels waiting for me. One of them was a collection of tiny conifers which Mirinda had ordered on the weekend. They are to form a tiny woodland area in her pixie garden.

The other parcel was for me.

I heard about the benefits of goat’s milk soap on Instagram (my newest habit). Apparently, raw goat’s milk is good for various skin diseases, particularly when mixed with various other ingredients. One of these skin conditions which goat’s milk is supposed to relieve is psoriasis. Given I’ve now started using solid soap rather than liquid to wash with, I figured it was worth a try. (I’ve switched because of the plastic containers.)

A Milk Tray selection

And it all smells fantastic.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Wow hope it works, I havn’t been out only up the road all the week looking forward to going into Coles on Saturday. Yes your park looks great and beautiful green and you were right it was brown in the last photo. love mum xxxx


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