The snore monster

On my trip down to Portsmouth this morning, I was ‘entertained’ by a chap with adenoid problems. He was pretending to watch something on his phone, his earplugs firmly protecting his fellow passengers from the noise and merrily snoring away. The earplugs had no effect against his snoring. He was very loud.

This wouldn’t have been quite so bad if the trains Wi-Fi was working properly. As it was, I logged onto it at Guildford and, almost an hour later, was still not connected to my blog. The train company claims you can work on board their trains because they offer free Wi-Fi. Yeah, right.

I wrote yesterday’s post in a document then managed to upload it on the train home where the wi-fi, for reasons known only to the Goddess Wiffi, was working properly.

The Snore Monster left the train at Havant in a major hurry. He was fast asleep when suddenly his eyes opened and he looked around like a thing possessed. He grabbed his stuff and was off the train in less time than it takes to sneeze. If I see him next week I might suggest he get more sleep at home.

Speaking of Guildford, I thought, in the interests of fairness and comparison, to include a photo of the ramp leading to Platform 8; the one that Terry prefers.

Terry might be right

And, for comparison…

Maybe Terry’s right

Work was excellent this week.

I managed to finish the boxes of books that are going to various other destinations. The spreadsheet is very long but at least it’s complete now.

The other week I wondered if anyone else was working on this project. Well, it appears that at least one other person is because the books from the Warrior have all gone. 

After I finished the boxes of books, Heather gave me a great job to do. Someone had entered a whole load of magazines into the library database. This was back in 2015 and they were really badly entered. Heather asked me if I could make them all a bit more consistent with the one she’d started.

People might not think this particularly exciting but it means that Heather is happy for me to go in and make amendments and generally enter stuff on the database. It’s a great show of faith. I sometimes wonder if people appreciate my skills but I have no such doubts when it comes to Heather.

So, I happily amended the magazine records until it was time to go home.

From a book – I just liked it

Puppy update: Freya has not improved much. She still just lays around, sleeping. It takes her a great effort to stand and when she does her back legs start shaking. The shaking goes after a while and she’s quite capable of walking around though climbing is still difficult.

Her eating hasn’t suffered that much.

I’ll try her with a walk tomorrow and then decide whether to take her back to the vet or not.

I miss my little mad monkey!

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3 Responses to The snore monster

  1. Denise says:

    Poor Freya I hope she gets better 😞

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I think you should take her back to the vet Gary she does not sound good. Poor little darling. That’s good Heather has lots of faith in you well you are the best in your job. Whats wrong with the rump that you and Terry don’t like. Love mum xxx

  3. Josephine Cook says:

    Poor little darling I think you should take her back to the vet Gary, Whats wrong with the rump that you and Terry don’t like. When you see him will you tell him how bad my knee is so he can tell his mother. I don’t know if A Jackie understands that is why I cant get over this year. Yes that picture is good. love mum xxx


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