Dogs a-plenty

There were lots of dogs in the park today. I’m not sure why. Generally when we go (usually at around the same time) we might see a few; maybe four individuals tops. Today we saw four in the first five minutes.

It could have been because of my slow pace. Getting off the bus earlier, having come from the gym, I sort of twisted my ankle. It caused a bit of discomfort and reduced speed but otherwise was gone by the end of the day. I suppose it might have been dogs catching up and overtaking me whereas normally they’d still be behind me.

Or maybe it was just one of those things.

The numbers were not reduced by the woman who regularly minds her neighbours’ dogs and walks them at various times. She’s not difficult to spot. She can have anything from four to eight dogs, mostly barking with her responding in kind but louder.

Today she had seven dogs and frightened a woman walking her single Labrador. The woman with the Labrador suddenly grabbed her dog and asked the woman, fearfully, if her charges were dangerous. The woman with the big pack didn’t respond as she was too busy yelling at them.

The council is currently looking into stopping people walking too many dogs at a time (they are proposing a maximum of four) so I’m not sure what she’ll do if it comes into force. 

The tree trimming guys were busy in the Avenue of Trees as well, cutting back the dense canopy that’s been forming. This is the natural consequence of growth and is a regular job. The chaps who climb the trees and the ones who feed the detritus into the chipper or just place them in the undergrowth are always pleasant. They welcome the various dogs who walk by them, always ready with a pat and a chat.

A rather annoying couple of dogs are Charlie and Hunter. Actually Hunter isn’t too bad but Charlie does rather annoy Freya. He is a big white fluffy thing who does not listen to his owner. Hunter doesn’t listen either but he ignores Freya after an initial sniff.

Of course, with Freya still being in season, I have to keep her in my arms whenever a dog approaches. In the case of Charlie, I don’t have to hold her because she grips onto me, her claws like crampons in my flesh. She really doesn’t like Charlie very much.

Back at home, I decided to rest my ankle by working on our tax. It worked. My ankle was so bored by the end of the day that it righted itself just to get away.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Oh poor Freye she must get really fed up with dogs all over her. dont you start with your feet and ankles. My knee is driving me up the wall some times doesn’t hurt at all then it really gets going. still reasting it as mush as I can. Going to Lorna ‘s fashion parade. tomorrow love mum xxxn

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