Accidental PB

Each day I go to the gym, I record my progress using an app called FitNotes. It’s nothing special but it does allow me to remember the various weights I have reached on the equipment. (It also allows me to track my weight and measurements but that can get quite depressing so I’ll not dwell on that.)

A few of the routine things I do I can easily remember. Like I know I ride for 11.80 kilometres every morning on the bike and I lift 17.5 kilograms on the overhead press.

Sometimes, however, I think I know what I’m up to but then realise I’m actually wrong. That happened this morning.

I was seated on the leg press and adjusted the weight then started pushing. It felt quite difficult but I figured that was just because my legs were finding it difficult to wake up properly. Afterwards, as I entered the figures into the app, I realised I’d pushed an extra five kilograms.

I guess they all count and it will be my new benchmark.

In the real world, it rained today. All day. It was wet-fully delightful. And the temperature was a very civilised 17 degrees. I rather enjoyed it. As did the girls.

Glorious rain!

We did go for a walk though Freya was on the lead, but it wasn’t so hot that they needed water every 15 minutes. Emma could chase more balls too, without quite so many rest stops.

Back at home, the postman brought me a surprise.

Volume 1

I have decided to gradually print out our holidays from this blog. This is so that, whatever happens to the world, there will at least be a hard copy of them to read. It’s also fun to just skim through our holidays from years ago and laugh at our first attempts to enjoy France.

And when Mirinda came home, we both put on a fleece the temperature was so low. Oh, joy!

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Thought I had read that blog thats a good idea at least you will know at a blink you wont have to get the blog out and read them all. I temp is warming up just got a small top on I would like this weather all the year round. You two still putting on a fleece funny. Lots of love mum xxxxx

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