Gymniversary II

Two years ago I started going to the gym. I celebrated today by going this morning and wearing myself out in a good way. But, the best news today was the weather.

The temperature dropped ten degrees overnight making this morning beautifully bearable and, while the day was blue and sunny, bright and summery, it was all at a reasonable 23 degrees.

The change in temperature was very welcome, particularly given I had to walk into town (after the gym and back and walking the girls) to get my hair cut in the afternoon. It was all very pleasant.

New me

It felt a lot better. Actually it would have felt even better yesterday while the heatwave was still with us but, there you go.

Possibly the worst news of the day was that Freya has started another season. I was a bit suspicious in the park when she squealed at a big white dog who was rather keen on her trouser area. Then a little black poodle was likewise displaying a more than friendly interest. Then, at home, the blood was starting to appear on things.

Poor baby. It means no more off lead for a bit. Mind you, the little black poodle was a toy and would have made some cute puppies with Freya…had it happened.

Another appearance was a little collection of baby tomatoes.

A few weeks ago, Gardener Dave spotted what he believed was a tomato plant starting to grow in one of the raised beds on the terrace. He asked Mirinda if she’d planted it. When she said no, he decided it had been randomly planted by a bird sitting in the tree next door.

Anyway, he staked it and it’s just kept growing. There was a slight risk that it could have been marijuana rather than tomato but that was completely dispelled this afternoon when I re-staked it and discovered a little collection of growing fruit.

Our first babies

Seriously bizarre and, as Dave said, quite rare. He reckons he’s tried growing tomatoes for years and they rarely work out and we have this beauty without any effort whatsoever. I told him he should feed tomato seeds to the birds and just wait…like we have.

Avenue of Trees

The Avenue of Trees looked particularly enticing today. That little white blob at the base of the second tree, just to the left of centre, is Freya.

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3 Responses to Gymniversary II

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I spotted the white blob but didn’t know what it was till i read what you said. So growing your own tomatoes that sounds good always sweeter. Yes I thought the tress looked lovely very bright and green. poor Freya you have to watch her for a few weeks how long does it last. love mum xxxx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I left a comment but it has gone goodness knows where oh well never mind love mum xxxx

  3. Josephine Cook says:

    I like your hair must be nice and cool in the heat you have been having, love mum xxx

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