Just like Christmas

Today in Portsmouth I was once more given a different job. It’s like I’m working up the chain of tasks required to complete the project. Today it was going through the books off the Warrior.

Heather pointed to a whole load of books on the floor, opened a spreadsheet which listed them and told me to determine what would stay and what would go.

Gift wrapped words

Each little parcel contains a number of books, depending on the thickness of the book, obviously. As Heather said it would be just like Christmas and, given my love of maritime volumes, it almost was. By the end of the day I’d reduced this to about half the size. 

I often wonder if anyone else is working on the project because there’s no tangible evidence that there is. However, this pile will, presumably only be gone next week if other people are working on it. I’m thinking it’ll be no different.

The books arrived at Portsmouth with the Warrior. They were in various staterooms, cabins and general mess areas throughout the ship. No-one has looked at them for at least 20 years except to list them in the spreadsheet then wrap each pile with the location written on the wrapping. 

My job (today) was to determine how many copies we already have (these books are not on the database) and whether we ‘need’ another one or whether it needs to be retained. I soon had a big pile of books to go and a smaller one to stay.

Occasionally through the day, Heather came over to look through my not sure pile and remarked on how many I was chucking out. She said I was a lot more vigorous than she’d be. I said I could not be but she vehemently said I should continue. She said she was far too emotionally attached to ‘her’ books and they needed a strong will to part with them. It seems I was the person for the job.

I found some real gems as well as ones to go. One book that we did have a copy of but not so providential was one I insisted we keep. This was on the inside front cover:

Damn you, Adolf!

I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be funny but it did make me laugh. (Incidentally, while I have no idea what Hitler did to the society, I do know that there is another Liverpool Model Boat Society which was started in 1975 and, in 2015 at least, still going strong.)

And that was my day. Unwrapping glorious naval tomes and checking them off a list. Sounds dull but it was actually most edifying.

The photo below has nothing to do with anything much, I just like it.

Where I climb the ramp at Guildford Station every Tuesday
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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Forgot to say WOW WOW that’s for all the books on the floor keep you going for a little bit love mum xxx

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    I wrote a long letter to you but lost it so I will do it again tomorrow. love mum xxx

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