Hot buttered Gaz

And to think I left Australia because of the heat!” I said to the check-out woman in Waitrose. She laughed as the perspiration dripped down her face. My arms were glistening with my own sweat as I stood and made small talk.

The holiday chin before

Today was the hottest day so far this year. It was 33.3 degrees in Suffolk. It felt a lot hotter in Farnham. Actually, it WAS a lot hotter at the gym as I pedalled my way into a wave of sopping body excretions. The heat and sweat was so bad that getting under the shower later actually made me drier.

I felt very sorry for the gardeners, who came today. Poor Gardener Dave was pretty hot and bothered though, as he said philosophically, this year so far he’s worked in rain, in snow, in cold and in heat and, when all was said and done, he prefers the heat. Michael agreed with him.

They worked up the back of the garden mostly, mowing then moving the ex-stick pile from the back of The Former Residence of Xun Ma. Now we can measure out the position of the greenhouse properly.

The beauty of working at the back of the garden in the morning is that it’s more or less in the shade. This was mostly where Dave spent his time. Michael, on the other hand, was working almost exclusively on the terrace, generally around Clive’s Corner which, of course, is also very shady and sometimes quite cool.

Also suffering from the heat was Emily at Starbucks. I asked how she was and she replied that she was very tired because she couldn’t sleep at night given the mugginess and high temperature. I reminded her that she complained about the intense cold when we had the huge dump of snow earlier in the year as well as the months of constant rain. She agreed wholeheartedly, assuring me that she hated all weather.

I was in Starbucks late today as I was meeting Lizzy for coffee. She has a new job and is all excited about it. Actually she has about 17 jobs but this is the only one that really pays. For this reason she feels really grown up because now she can go out and buy shoes. She loves shoes. And lemurs. The heat, on the other hand, doesn’t bother her at all.

She graduates on Wednesday as a nutritionist. She wanted to be a zoologist but then realised there wasn’t a lot of employment options so opted for teaching. Having her teaching qualifications, she then decided nutrition was the way to go. She’s a very good nutritionist. Well, I think so, anyway.

Speaking of which…tonight I made chilled avocado soup with ice shavings because of the heat…

Followed by Brazilian fish because Mirinda asked for it…

We also tried a very light but satisfying cold Bordeaux rose which Wine-guy Mike recommended. It was perfect.

The holiday chin vanquished

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  1. mum says:

    WONDERFUL that’s for the chin which I expect you knew knowing how your mother hates beards . Cant wait to see the garden when finished so hope you don’t have the heat for to long cold here. Love mum


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