Freya’s ear

I didn’t mention this at the end of yesterday’s post because it didn’t really have anything to do with our holiday and it was almost midnight…so.

Last night, just before sleep, Mirinda decided to give Freya’s ears a good pluck. This is something that needs regular doing and something that Freya hates with a passion. Emma doesn’t care and just lies back and goes to sleep as Mirinda yanks handfuls of fluff out. Freya carries on like an attention seeking child who has just slipped over on a bouncy castle.

Tonight, however, before Mirinda had even begun, Freya started carrying on like something had taken residence in her ear and was redecorating. The poor thing was vigoriously shaking her head, leaning to one side and shivering all over. This sounds terrible but she really does wear her suffering on her sleeve so there’s no real need to worry. Though it did worry us a bit because it seemed to be going on too long. We decided to go to the emergency vet.

Long story short, most of which concerns the waiting room at the emergency vet, the vet examined her then gave her an anti-inflammatory followed by a sedative. She said to monitor her over night and if she was still bothered in morning to bring her back to her regular vet.

Freya took the two needles surprisingly well (and the rectal thermometer which the vet was concerned about) and we paid and left. She started getting quite woozy in the car for the one minute drive home then was decidedly wobbly at home.

She stood in the kitchen as I washed up, staring at something unseen for ages, not responding when Mirinda called for her upstairs. By the time I was ready to go upstairs I decided I’d have to carry her, which I did. I put her on the bed and she didn’t move till the morning when I carried her back down again.

I should add that throughout all of this, Emma wasn’t a bit concerned about Freya. She was annoyed that I’d left her when I took Freya into the vet but that was it. Emma gets very clingy with me after a long break. I’m not sure Mirinda was best pleased that Emma seems to prefer me.

Then, today, I kept an eye on Freya and she was perfectly fine. Rotten dog. It was probably a grass seed or something small which dislodged itself through the night.

Pest monkey!

I decided that today, as well as watch Freya, I’d give my poor, war-zone-y feet a rest. This meant pottering around the house, unpacking and washing and doing a bit of admin. I did one bit of walking which was to the park but that wasn’t too far and was on gloriously soft grass rather than hard white cobbles.

Eyes on the ball, Emma.

Mirinda, meanwhile, was off to a conference…somewhere. She told me that she had had to pick an activity to engage in while there. Some people had opted for golf while others were going to dash around a tennis court. She said she put ‘walking.’

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  1. mum says:

    Oh dear poor Freya anything to do with ears is awful and very painful I feel for her so thank goodness it came out what ever it was. Wow// I am with you Miranda no Golf and No tennis just a nice plessant walk. love mum xxxx

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