Being jolly at the airport

One of the reasons we don’t normally get planes to France is the fact that Mirinda doesn’t like them. She dislikes the entire process: customs, security, border control, etc. Every step along the route causes her greater and greater annoyance. Not so the ferry or the train.

Our trip to Milan proved how much more pleasant it is travelling from smaller airports so, this trip to the Dordogne we decided to experiment with boarding a small plane from Bergerac to Southampton rather than drive all the way back to St Malo for the ferry home.

And I can safely say that the experiment was a success. Mirinda declared it almost pain free and even joked with the border officers on the British side. From the easy efficiency of parking and leaving the hire car at the airport, dropping the keys in the keysafe to checking in at the desk then going for a coffee, it was all a breeze.

Of course we left the Chambre d’Hote far too early but this was my fault because I wasn’t sure about the airport organisation which turned out to be surprisingly smooth. Not that it mattered, I needed a coffee anyway and it was rather pleasant sitting outside the cafe before going into the departure lounge.

View from our room at Maison DoDo – the long walk to the car

Next time we will leave a lot later and maybe enjoy a coffee in the breakfast room.

Getting on the plane was a breeze. I know Nicktor isn’t keen on the planes with propellers but I find it very comfortable and rather enjoy walking to the plane and climbing only seven steps to board them. Mirinda finds the turning propellers rather reassuring.

Somewhere over England

The whole trip was smooth and effortless and we landed at Southampton a bit earlier than scheduled, collected our bags and met Carol waiting outside. And then home.

Naturally, shopping was needed so I almost immediately went up to Farnham. No guesses as to my first stop.

Where they all missed me

Finally, I went and collected the girls who were delirious with joy at seeing first me then Mirinda.

And so that ends this trip to the Dordogne. Mirinda has started planning our next holiday later this year…

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  1. mum says:

    Your holiday was lovely do so wish I could have been with you may be the next one if I can and you want me. Love mum xxxx


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