Dead ends

Today at work proved quite frustrating. Two chaps proved very elusive. Common names combined with inadequate records made it impossible for me to trace them. I’m not going to give up but will have to try a more labour intensive approach.

What makes it worse is the fact that they follow each other on my spreadsheet. Two blank rows! Not good.

Anyway, apart from those two, I managed to fill in a few others.

One sailor, for instance, who went down on HMS Black Prince during the Battle of Jutland. (Or, as I like to call it, The Battle of How Stupid Can You Be? after the refusal to use the new telegraph system to alert the fleet, instead depending on little flags that they couldn’t see.)

The sailor’s name was Alfred Eagleton and he was a career sailor having joined the Navy in 1907. His parents owned a pub in Downing Street which is no longer there. It was called the Bird in Hand.

The pub was originally where Robert Dyas is now but closed in 1928.

Speaking of buildings, I noticed the back of this office block in Woking this afternoon. That’s a lot of aircon units.

I also noticed that the new paved area in front of Woking station is heading on apace. Now they have blocked off the pedestrian walkway down the side and opened up a section of the new area. I have to say it’s a lot more pleasant than squidging along the path.

It’s going to look pretty good when it’s finished.

On the way home, after doing a small bit of shopping for dinner, I had a sneaky pint in my favourite Farnham pub (Nelson Arms) given it was so hot. It was a great pleasure to sit with a cold beer in an almost empty pub (most drinkers were outside in the sun) and have a quiet read. Nothing like it after a hard day’s graft at the old computer.

I then went home to make Mirinda a variation of an old favourite meal, veal pizzaiola. I substituted coconut flour for the wheat stuff, added asparagus and spinach and made up a batch of courgetti spaghetti rather than use pasta but it was still delicious.

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  1. mum says:

    That looks like an eye on the dinner ekk. Wow they are doing a lot of building works in Farnham must need it I suppose. love mum xx

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