Moving logs

Mirinda wants a greenhouse. She has wanted one for a while and we’ve been planning for it. A while ago we marked out a possible site with string and nails.

After due care and consideration Mirinda decided she wanted it positioned a little closer to the house. This would mean clearing the stick groynes from behind The Former Residence of Xun Ma. She decided they could go parallel and a little distance from the back fence.

Today I started doing exactly that. Though not till the afternoon. In the morning I had the gym then a coffee meeting with Matt, the real estate agent who is trying to sell the cottage.

It seems the woman who really, really wants it can’t seem to sell her house and therfore can’t afford to buy ours. This is very frustrating.

We discussed possible strategies moving forward then laughed about Germany’s World Cup woes.

It was then home to the girls, lunch and the usual walk in the park.

The weather was perfect again.

Then, and with various implements of groyne construction and my little red speaker I headed up the back.

While I listened to Columbia and Senegal play a decidedly dull first half then desperate second half of their final group stage, I built then filled a new groyne.

That’ll keep the insects happy

The old ones were getting lower as I filled the new one. Interestingly, a lot of the old sticks had already started to break down, leaving mostly twigs and bits of crumbly wood.

The next stage will require a bit more work as the corner posts will need to be attached to the concrete that once sat beneath the shed. The old groynes can now go though because we’ll get the gardeners to take away the rest of the sticks in them.

All in all it was quite the productive day, finished off with a surprise text from Mirinda saying she was coming home…which, among other things, meant a proper cooked dinner.

Griddled tuna steak, fried cauli rice and pak choy

Also, I dyed my hair today.

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