Germany’s going home

The holders of the World Cup, Germany, lost to South Korea 2-0 today. Sweden beat Mexico 3-0. Germany needed to win. They didn’t. They have not progressed out of the group stage. It’s the first time they’ve not progressed beyond the group stage since 1934. It was a bit of a shock. I imagine the British papers will be full of it tomorrow.

While it’s not good for Germany, South Korea played superbly and fully deserved to win. I know this because I listened to the game while I cleaned the absolutely disgustingly rank water feature. It took some scrubbing but, eventually, it wasn’t so smelly and I could actually see through the water.


I probably mentioned it before but it’s because of the trees leaning over the fence from the Crazies’ side. They drop seeds, leaves, whatever into the bowl and in quite quick time, the pump gets a bit full of smooshy stuff and the bowl turns a bit green. It’s easily fixed with just a bit of elbow grease.

The water feature clean up was in the afternoon. In the morning, after the gym, I had a delightful coffee with Lizzie in Starbucks. She told me all about her new job which she is rightly excited about and the prospect of actually getting paid.

During our chat we talked about what made us angry. With her it’s the lies spread by ‘interested parties’ about nutrition and what is and is not good for people. I was a bit hard pressed to give a definitive answer to what made me angriest. Then, this happened on the way home:

A woman getting on the bus today was peering at the side of it. I told her the number.
No,” She said “I want to make sure it’s not full of Nepalese.
Why,” asked I.
I don’t like them!” was her reply.
Well, I don’t like racists but that doesn’t mean I’m not catching the bus.
She gave me an odd look then boarded the bus before me.

I guess that sort of open prejudice makes me very, very angry, mostly because I don’t understand why people think other people are so different when we’re all pretty much the same.

(Well, except for the majority of car drivers who are nearly all inconsiderate arseholes. I was thinking about that while I was in the park with the dogs. What is it that turns normal everyday people into inconsiderate arseholes just because they climb into a car? Is it something to do with the fact that they are sitting comfortably in their temperature controlled cages, with nothing much to do apart from gently push a lever or slightly turn a power assisted wheel? Are they actually bored?)

The park, by the way, was absolutely glorious. I’m getting a bit bored with just how glorious it is at the moment.

Mind you, the lack of rain is a problem. Up in the moorlands near Manchester, a huge fire was blazing throughout the day. The heathland is dry as an Australian summer and the peat just keeps it alight. On the radio a fire ‘expert’ was talking about what the fire services were doing. He explained that they were trying to create firebreaks.

The person on the radio asked what a firebreak was. After the ‘expert’ explained the term, he then went on to say that it’s all a bit pointless because the peat burns underground and the fire just goes under the firebreak to continue the other side.

Coming from Australia, the idea of a firebreak is second nature and makes infinite sense but not when the fire can cheat and sneak underneath your defences. That can’t be fair.

Anyway, no homes had been lost nor were there any casualties so there’s that to be grateful for. Mind you the loss of about 2,000 acres of heathland is not such a good thing. When I went to bed, the cause of the fire was still unknown…possibly because they were too busy trying to stop it to worry about how it began.

Meanwhile back in Surrey…I attempted to make ramen tonight. I think I overheated the dashi because it went a bit cloudy. This doesn’t affect the flavour much but it should look more like broth than creamy soup.

I used the second duck breast in it and, regardless of the look, it tasted very good.

Ignore the udon noodles…there weren’t any ramen ones

I do love ramen!

Then, after all was done and dusted, I watched the Brazil v Serbia game. I felt very sorry for the Serbs. They worked really hard, almost scored a number of times and actually made the Brazilians look a little less than their reputation normally merits.

Then, like they’d been woken from a Rip Van Winkle type slumber, during which they dreamed they were a normal football team, they fought back and completely dominated the game, forcing the Serbs to play off. Eventually Brazil won 2-0 but, had they bothered to get out of first gear, it could have been so much worse.

Brazil beats Serbia 2-0

Brazil is going to be hard to beat…but that is hardly news.

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  1. mum says:

    I watched a bit of the match’ then as I had to be up early because I was catching the 7 30 comlink car to the hospital didn’t know who won so thank you. Anyway the hospital said my knee is going great and to keep up the good i am doing and don’t have to go back for 9 months. I am glad you said don’t take any notice of what your dinner looks like as I thought you had been digging worms and decided to eat some for your dinner ugg. Yes it would be hard work cleaning the water feature bet your arms ach. Love mum xxxx

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