Life without life

Today the gardeners were due to arrive. And they did, which was good though not with Gardener Dave who is presently holidaying in Belgium. This time it was Mike (as usual) but alongside a chap who was either called Dan or Sam. (Because I didn’t hear him properly then instantly forgot anyway, I’m going to call him SamDan for clarity.)

This week I had to look after them. Given she was still feeling a little unwell, Mirinda remained, Mrs Rochester like in the bedroom, pretending she didn’t exist. She would text me whenever she needed anything and I’d slip away, unnoticed and make her tea or collect her prescription or lock the dogs up there with her.

The Crazy Bed

It’s very onerous for me looking after the gardeners. I get a detailed list, of course but that only helps so far. Still, everything went very smoothly today and SamDan proved to be very nice. So nice in fact that he and Mike discussed with me the shortcomings of Bill, the guy who removed our hollyhocks telling stories that highlighted his inability to operate well in a customer situation. It wasn’t just us then, I was glad to hear.

So they headed into the garden and worked solidly for four hours apart from having a cup of coffee halfway through. By the time they’d finished the garden looked a lot better with the grass a decent length, a lot of weeds vanquished and the banana tree lopped, its dead branches removed.

All was well.

I then made lunch before heading to the shops…which was when the world fell apart. At some stage between midday and 4pm, the Internet stopped being accessible. Now, I realise to a lot of people this wouldn’t be that big a problem however with Mirinda working from home and most of our entertainment web dependent, I was not too happy.

I immediately logged a fault with BT and then waited. Eventually I discovered (by accident) that they would aim to fix it by tomorrow at 5pm. Given that was it, we had to make do without Netflix or the music library. (I tried a number of ways of using my phone to play Netflix shows through the TV but nothing worked.)

After dinner we watched the very entertaining film Women which we happened to have on DVD and had never watched. It’s extraordinary because there are no males in it until the very end.

Part of the Garden of One Thousand Yaps

Hopefully the Internet will have returned by tomorrow…

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  1. mum says:

    You did have a lot of trouble not only internet but y I tried all I knew which isin very much even your phone went as well , still as you say you will get in touch with me Sat you had better make it early as Denise picks me up at 7 30.
    Love mum xxxxx

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