New heights of glory

Today was really all about England’s victory over Panama in the World Cup. There are some miserable English ‘fans’ who have said it was against very weak opposition and therefore, somehow, doesn’t count but the majority of England fans are joyous.

Of course my day wasn’t JUST football. I went up the road first thing to shop. Given it was Market Sunday I had my wicker trolley ready to fill with goodies.

I also took the opportunity to wear my new t-shirt. It’s supposed to represent ramen but I think it’s more like a bowl of noodles…which ramen mostly is, I guess.

Gaz in the park wearing Japanese cuisine

I was going to make the usual Chez Gaz salad for lunch until I had a text from the still poorly Mirinda wanting chicken soup. This changed the shopping list somewhat but, fortunately, she sent it before I’d started shopping.

And the chicken soup I made up was given a big vote of ‘perfectly delicious.’

It’s yellow because I overdid the carrot a bit

And then the football.

Mirinda normally knows the score from my shouts and whoops but there were just too many in this game. Even for someone who doesn’t like football (or even care about football) Mirinda was surprised at the 6-1 scoreline at full time. And so she should be!

It was a wonderful game. The Panama team started the game fouling everywhere, proving the truth of that old adage ‘if you can’t show any skills cheating is not an option.’ Okay a lot of that was down to the ‘take no prisoners’ referee who decided to get in with the yellow cards as soon and as often as necessary. While the damage was done as far as the awarding of two penalties successfully converted by Harry Kane, was concerned, it was all too late by the time the second half came around and they calmed down a bit. After all, England had already scored five.

While most of the six goals came from set pieces, Jesse Lingard’s goal in the 36th minute was spectacular. Not forgetting Kane’s hat trick.

Panama did score once and it was their first ever goal in a World Cup final match. The fans, of which there were many thousands, cheered like they’d won the entire competition. It was great to see the fans getting right behind their team.

Overall, it was simply glorious. as was dinner sometime later.

As per Mirinda’s request, we had simple lamb chops with cauli mash, sauteed courgette and asparagus and creamed spinach.

Not as much gourmet as plain and scrummy

It worked really well with the rose sancerre.

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  1. mum says:

    Yes I watched a bit of that match it was good, well I think it was that one we have so many on at the moment I prefer the girls but they dont seem to put them on in the week just sat and sun. Your dinner looked good Mirinda must be getting better if she ate all that dinner good on her. love mum xxxxx

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