Lost and found

And another day out of the house for me. It’s been a week of them so far and isn’t about to change too soon.

Today I was presenting the Haslemere and Liphook edition of the Talking Newspaper which means leaving the house at 10am. In which case the girls had an early walk. They also had a late walk when I returned but that was six hours after I left.

I had a jolly team today oddly made up of mostly men. I say ‘oddly’ because generally I have all women readers. Today poor Margaret was the rose in a bush of thorns.

The stories were all pretty much of a muchness until we were almost finished. Paul had run out of stories and I had a few to spare so I gave him one I thought would be amusing.

It concerned the police and their attitude towards lost and found items. The piece started by stating that taking lost and found items had never been part of their remit but they did it as a courtesy more than anything else.

The piece then went on to say what they would and wouldn’t take and where to take things that they wouldn’t. All very straight forward if somewhat ‘listy.’

Paul started smirking at the beginning then totally lost it when he reached the bit that said the police would not take food. He managed to pull himself together and finish but it was very funny.

When I took over from him I wondered who takes found food to a police station anyway?

Who on earth sits down on a park bench and, noticing a Grinster pie next to them, immediately decides the only thing to do is take it to a police station?” I said. “Am I the only one who finds that just a bit mad?

They were all laughing and I smoothly and effortlessly moved onto the sports report.

It was awfully good fun.

Back at home, having walked the dogs for the second time today, I made a Paleo loaf for my lunch tomorrow and started the fermentation process on a new batch of sauerkraut before settling down to watch Argentina totally humiliated by a wonderful Croatian team.

Dinner was basically a kitchen cupboard and bottom of the fridge mash-up.

For Mon

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  1. mum says:

    That was funny, your lunch looked like mine . love mum xxx

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