Performance art

Today Mirinda worked from the flat so, after lunch, I headed off for Tate Modern and the Joan Jonas exhibition.

Before leaving for the ferry, the day was almost ruined when an ATM ate my debit card and refused to return it. I cancelled it and ordered a new one and we’ll just have to use Mirinda’s in Milan.

Then I caught the ferry.

On the ferry

I’d never heard of her before today. I rather like finding out about new people.

Joan was born in 1936 and is very handy with the visual arts. She was one of those hippy dippy artists who hung around New York in the 1960’s doing strange things that people thought were cool.

Of all the pieces I saw today I think I liked The Juniper Tree best. It featured Joan reading a fairy tale while interacting with various things on stage. Naturally the exhibition had just the set and a short video of the original performance.

The Juniper Tree (original 1976 reconstructed 1994)

There were quite a few pieces that I found a bit beyond me but generally I liked what she did with movement. For instance there was one piece where she had dancers performing with full length mirrors which created illusions for the audience rather than just the people dancing.

She also had an amazing pet dog which features in quite a few of her later works.

All in all, I’d say I enjoyed seeing Joan’s work and finding a little bit out about her.

I then had a bit of a wander around the Tanks. This is in the newest bit of Tate Modern and used to be where the big tanks of oil were kept when it was a power station. There’s some extraordinary spaces. Not least this room:

Panno in a tank

After a quick beer, I went back to the ferry stop and caught it back down river to the wharf and returned to the flat.

A lovely day though a bit more cloudy than it has been and the temperature dropped a bit.

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  1. mum says:

    Very interesting dont think I have ever heard of her xxx love mum

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