Trim and chat

Today was our ten week date with Kate. We left the house and walked (or ran) through the park up to the top end, walked along Nutshell Lane (which features large in my WW1 research), crossed the awful Upper Hale Road and, finally, arrived at Kate’s back gate.

Babe in arms and a toddler by her side, Kate took charge of the girls while I headed back to the house to prepare for my Talking Newspaper stint, recording the Alton edition.

On the way back from Kate’s I realised how green everything is at the moment. It shouldn’t be so surprising I guess given it’s almost summer and we’ve had a bit of rain followed by steamy heat. This is always an excellent combination to ensure the deepest greens.

Start of the Avenue of Trees

Before heading out, I sowed a few seeds in the lowest raised bed and along the bed in the front garden. It was a combination of things like love in a mist, California poppies and other flowers full of coloured joy…eventually. Once they’re grown. Maybe by the time we get back from Milan they will have started.

Anyway, before too long I was heading out again, this time to the recording studio.

Today I had an excellent team with Rosemary, Mo and David providing plenty of laughs. In fact we had a very laughter filled session. It was a lot of lovely silliness.

While chatting with David I discovered he went and saw An Ideal Husband at the beginning of the week. He was as enthused as I was. It’s nice to know it’s not just me. Or Mirinda. David said he came out afterwards full of light and happiness…which is one of the things that live theatre should do.

After the session I headed back into town and popped into the Farnham Liberal Club. I’ve never been before (it’s a members only type of place on South Street, our very own Lutyens) and was only now visiting in order to check out the World War I memorial plaque they were supposed to have. It seems they do not have a World War I memorial plaque. At least not on show . They do have a Burma Star proudly displayed but, as we all know, this is for World War II.

I also want to record the memorial that is supposed to be in the United Reform Church but, alas, it closes at around 5pm. Given the club didn’t open until 5pm and I didn’t finish recording until about 5pm, visiting the church proved to be impossible today. That’s not a big problem because I’ll pop in next time I’m in town.

I’ve also discovered another memorial plaque, this time in a school that no longer exists. Actually, to be completely accurate, the school changed it’s name and is now a special needs school (I think). I am in contact with them to find out if they still have the memorial.

Sadly this means all my memorial discovery plans are on hold while more research is completed.

So, eventually I reached home to two beautiful short haired puppies.

Freya on my lap

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  1. mum says:

    Kate is a very busy girl two kids and grooming dogs. and I must say Freya looks very spick and spam. Must say that sounded like a fun after noon. Love mum xxxx

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