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Just to round off my trip which ended yesterday…I managed to get the coach to Woking with only a three minute wait and the traffic was pretty smooth so arrived at Woking Station with about five minutes before the next Alton train.

That would have been perfect except that there had been earlier problems with the line to Surbiton and the trains were all either insane and reduced to fantasy. What this meant for me was a Starbucks coffee on the platform and a half hour wait.

Mirinda, after calling me an idiot for not booking a taxi from the airport (I never do so obviously my idiocy is nothing new), offered to come and pick me up which was lovely. I managed to get home by about 6:30 and a series of ‘presents’ from my wife. Apart from the invisible table, they were all perfect, none more so than the beer.

Another delightful surprise was when I left the train at Farnham. I was confused when someone yelled out “GARY!” I turned around thinking it not like Mirinda to be there before the train arrived quite apart form the fact that she would shout out my name and I was right. It was Lizzy and her mum.

Lizzy expressed a sort of quizzical wonder that I managed two weeks in Queensland with only the small Parrot Bag but was otherwise pleased to see me. It goes without saying that the feeling was definitely mutual.

At home, after a short relax, we had a lo-carb version of Mirinda’s tuna casserole which was delicious. We ate on the terrace overlooking a world of green.

Moving right on along to Sunday…

Of course, due to my body having no idea where it was in the world, I woke up at 4am. I lay in bed, wide awake for half an hour before giving up and going downstairs for a coffee and puppy cuddle. (I have really missed my morning puppy cuddle.)

By the time Mirinda rang the bell for tea, I’d put on a load of washing, cleaned up the kitchen, swept the entire extension, sorted the giant mail mountain and put away the new box of wine. She didn’t recognise the place when she finally came downstairs.

In passing…the Susanne Roses are looking spectacular in the front garden. They smell even better.

At Starbucks Emily was on duty. I asked her how she went at Chelsea since I’d missed it. She met the queen! She also had a magazine interview and photo spread for her floral display. When I asked her if she’d curtsied to the queen she said she didn’t know how and just acted all awkward.

Even better than the always entertaining Emily, Chantelle made my coffee which is like the best way to celebrate my homecoming.

Most of the afternoon was spent in the garden. Eventually we had roast chicken.

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  1. mum says:

    Those flowers look lovely. So you are back to normal with your coffee and the Chantell who made it. All she had to do was bend her knee and bend her head to the Queen she doesan’t expect a full blown curtise . How lucky is she . love mum xxx

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