Final leg

It was a mad dash from one plane to the next. Normally I’m stuck at a halfway airport for a minimum of two hours but I had 50 minutes this time.

The thing is, it’s not just a matter of getting off one plane and getting on the next. For some reason you have to go through security again. Not that it’s much of a hassle and they were very happy officials.

And I made the plane in plenty of time. That’s mainly due to the 300 Chinese people in identical jackets also heading for Brisbane. They slowed the loading somewhat. Mind you, we still left on time.

Because of the huge group on this flight, economy was pretty much full. This is in direct contrast with the flight from London where there was about 20 all up. They all had rows to themselves.

Of course, all this cattle class nonsense is well behind me. Actually, while waiting for the loo I sat in an empty chair just to remind myself. It’s seriously not comfortable.

On the last leg I had a row to myself but, unfortunately the arms didn’t lift up so apart from having a lot more room I still couldn’t lay down.

The trip was completely uneventful. I dozed a bit, I almost caught up with The Walking Dead and I didn’t eat too much.

A quandary I always have is how to fill out the form that Oz customs insists on. It’s a bit confusing when you have two passports and you can only travel on one. This time I filled out two forms so they could choose.

Something else I wonder about is the time it takes to get from London to Brisbane. I always say it’s about 27 hours but that’s just way out. This flight, for instance, had taken less than 20 and that includes the Hong Kong changeover.

One of the things I always like about coming to Oz is how friendly and easy going everyone is. From the security guys to the passport checkers to the info women. So it came as a bit of a surprise to find a rude taxi driver.

I’ve caught cabs all over the world and, generally, they are always pleasant but this guy needs to get another job. As I left his cab at my hotel I was pleased that I could go on with my joyful life while he would forever float in the sewage of his.

The walk-in shower was brilliant. As was the bed. I was asleep very quickly…after a few texts and a lovely Skype with Mirinda, of course.

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