Chatting and reading

I had an early Talking Newspaper today. I also had a few last things to do before tomorrow’s journey. Not that I’ve packed yet. That can wait.

The recording session was the most FATN fun I’ve had in an age. I had a wonderful group of readers and Roy was the engineer (again).

One of my readers was Chris who was the one who didn’t turn up ages ago. Every time I see her now I tease her about it but this is the first time I’ve had her read with me since then. I now call her Chris the Invisible.

Unusually the paper was full of mostly serious stories this week so, of course, we were possibly a bit irreverent…or, rather, I was.

And, as usual, we were finished nice and early which was more perfect than usual given I was meeting Lizzy for coffee at 2pm.

Always a delight, she filled me in on the job prospect front and how much she loves getting paid for it, while I bored her with too many stories of the old days. I was a bit overexcited after such a fun recording session. (I’m really turning into that old soldier in the corner of the pub who lies in wait for unsuspecting nice people.)

That’s Lizzy in the white cap

Afterwards she headed to the gym to get over it while I went to Waitrose to shop.

And I had a lot of shopping to do because there was a lot of cooking and prep work to do before I leave. Back at home two disappointed puppies watched me cook a couple of shepherd’s pies and a loaf of Paleo bread.

Then Mirinda came home to a house full of delicious smells. I then cooked avocado salmon which we enjoyed on the terrace.

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