Replacement wifi

This morning I was forced to learn how to turn my phone into a personal wifi device. The wifi wasn’t working in Starbucks again so I was forced to improvise. It was very successful and used up some of the data I don’t use every month. This just might convince me to stay.

At home, it was mostly about putting a second coat on the tool shed before the predicted rain due sometime in the night. I managed to finish by about 5:30 under gathering clouds…which did nothing except go away again.

Of course we went to the park after lunch with just a few emergency Emma pick ups and quite a few breaks in the shade when the sun became just a bit much.

The park looked beautiful and the sun wasn’t quite as vicious as it has been. Even so, the shade is always a welcome change.

After leaving the girls at the house, I popped down to Homebase to get some more grey paint. On the way back I paused to take a picture of the wonderful cherry blossom display in one of the roads near us. We noticed it the other day as we were driving by. It reminds me of Japan…very, very slightly.

And that was it, really. I’m not counting the admin or washing that were also a big part of my day. And the gym. And shopping.

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