Seeds galore

I’m seriously thinking of switching from Starbucks to Nero’s during the week. Apart from the noisy parents who gather after dropping their kids off at school and take all the seats, there’s now the decidedly unreliable wifi. I don’t know why they’ve changed (I assume it’s because of a less costly option) but it’s of little use if it doesn’t work. I have been reduced to writing my blog on my laptop then transferring it when I get home.

Not that I went to Starbucks today. After the gym I had to head straight home in order to meet Builder Dave who organised to come round at 11am to discuss the ceiling lantern and the leaking ceiling caused by, we think, the ceiling lantern. As it turned out he was a bit later than 11am but at least he came.

He once more checked it out both inside and out then told me that the roofing guy had said he was convinced it wasn’t his roof because of the way the water is entering the ceiling cavity. Dave is also convinced. I’ve been convinced since it first started leaking, mainly because they had to have a couple of goes at installing the thing in the first place.

Anyway, we arranged that Builder Dave and the ceiling lantern guy will come around on Friday at midday to discuss the way forward. I told Dave that I’m heading for Queensland on Friday so he’d better be on time. He assured me he would be. We’ll see. It’s never happened before.

After Dave left, I headed outside to start distributing lots of seeds in both the lavender bed and the wildflower patch. I also installed the extra stepping stones that we bought at the garden centre on Sunday. There’s now a route through that leads (almost) to the peony.

The seeds were the last of the hornimums, some California poppies and assorted wildflowers. There was also a whole bunch of nasturtiums to put into the Hot Border. Fingers crossed they start spreading their colour soon.

We then went up to the park.

There were a few incidents of Emma retrieval (I forgot to mention how interested Rodney was the other day) but otherwise it was a very pleasant hour or so. Actually I was surprised there weren’t more people. When the weather is as good as it was today, the park is literally littered with prone bodies attracting skin melanomas by the dozen. For some reason most of them stayed at home today.

The dogs were quickly too hot and frequently sought the shade from the trees.

Back at home, Mirinda finished off her Very Important for Milan Document and gave it to me to proof before she left for town and Mindfulness.

After watering

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