Wet garden centre

Today we were due some rain. I mean that’s fair enough given we had our weekly day of sun yesterday. The rain was due to arrive in the afternoon. And it didn’t disappoint.

The weather in the morning was just grey so it was a dry walk into town and back.

Mirinda spent a few hours on Skype talking with various members of her family as they arrived and left. She even managed a 1-2-1 with Jason. A rare and enjoyable treat.

He’d been for a three hour walk which featured a beach, a bench, the stars and a snooze.

We then had an unexpected visit from Neighbour Dave and Rodney. He wanted to discuss the latest in rodent eradication…Dave rather than Rodney.

“What’s he doing here?”

The chat also included a modicum of gun talk. Mirinda fancies herself as a bit of a gunslinger and was asking Dave’s advice about target practice and accuracy distance.

What a lovely boy Rodney is

In the afternoon, as the clouds grew more threatening and the drops began falling, we headed for Forest Lodge. (I feel I should point out at this stage that I actually wanted to go to Bagshot Lea. It’s very rare that I have a garden centre preference but Mirinda choose to ignore it.)

We managed to buy a load of essential things (beer, boots, fork, hollyhocks) getting very wet in the process.

In fact we were outside looking at plants, the rain falling on us when Mirinda asked me, for reasons unknown, if I was getting wet. She seems to think I have a personal force field that deflects rain. I don’t. And I was.

Back at home, after changing everything I was wearing for something dry, the rain stopped and I started on dinner.

It was lamb chops, sautéed courgette, spinach and cauliflower cheese tonight. And I have to say, it was bloody good.

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